The Couples Climax

My husband and I have been married for 10 years and still madly in love. He is still everything to me; my husband, my best friend, my F**k buddy lol! Everything was still exactly the same...well almost everything. Over this decade together I think we've explored each other in every way imaginable. Not that the loving wasn't still good; we just needed something new to spice up the bed room just a bit more.  I began reading through some tips on how to bring the passion back into your bedroom and I came across a forum that insisted on couples trying sex toys. I asked my husband would he be interested and he looked at me as if I were insane lol! Of course over a course of days I begged him to just try it once for me and he finally agreed. I immediately hopped on the phone with my bestfriends and began to ask them where I could find the best sex toys. One insisted on me going straight to the stripper store down the street to purchase something but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, what if my co-workers, or hell my dad happened to drive down that same street and see my car sitting outside😥, I would never be able to live that embarrassment down..HELL TO THE NAH! My other bestfriend suggested that I try an online store if I wanted to be more discrete. She gave me a site ( where they specialized in safe adult toy products.  They had a plethora of items to choose from, even for the pleasure of both me and my the same time!!! I couldn't believe it! I literally felt like a kid in a candy store lol. I began to fill up my shopping cart with goodies anxious to make this idea of "sex toys" work in my sex life. The items came and I was surprised to see how  discrete the packaging was. I checked everything out and bought a few packs of batteries before my man came home. I was determined for this night to be a something he would NEVERRRRR forget!
 When he got home I had the place decked out in lit candles and in-scents. I had a nice warm bath already bubbling for him so he could unwind the right way after a long day at the office. I put a few drops of my Vanilla Edible Massage and Soothing Oil in the tub and we got in. I washed him down...he washed me.Once he was comfortable I whipped out a few goodies from my package. At first he was shocked to see some of it, but because he trusts me, he let the night go on. I put The MachO Pulsating vibrator ring around his "manhood", attached it to my waterproof wand and it began to do it's job....under water! I swear I wish you all could've seen his face! I was so happy that he was satisfied I decided to take it up a few notches. I reached back into the box and grabbed the Bang Bang G-Spot Vibrating Finger Glove (also waterproof) . As the tension began to rise, I couldn't let it stop! I grabbed his junk and felt it was hard as a rock. I then reached back into my box and grabbed the blind fold. I told him to put it on and once he did I sprayed the Passion Oral Ecstasy Desensitizer into my throat and went deep sea diving. Let's just say my man is "fully equipped" and at that point I had a mouth full (...or better yet a throat full lol). Before he could cum I snatched the vibrator ring off and soaking wet my baby stood up, picked me up and carried me to the bed. He was ready for it all. He threw me on the bed and began to "have dinner😜". I completely lost it! With some of our favorite R&B hits playing in the back and our hormones raging, he came up for air and was ready to put me to sleep. Little did he know I had a little more in mind. While he was eating me out I had squirted some Wet Warming Gel Lube in my hand that I had placed underneath the pillow before he was home. Before he could put it in I quickly rubbed it on his this point yall already know what happened. Lets just say if the highest score was a 10, tonight we were at a 15! In the morning he couldn't stop talking about our night and couldn't believe that toys could really make such an impact on our sex life! He told me to keep surprising him and so that day at work I was back on my phone ordering more items lol! Thanks for bringing back the youth in our love life Vibebox! You've got a customer for life! 
-M. Dyson


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